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A magnetic clash of two worlds, as the mystical meets herbal alchemy. Crystal Gin. An inviting allure, where the possibility of a little magic is never far away…

Energy. It exists in everything, but can never be made or destroyed. An enigma to the human consciousness, Cristallo Di Luna gins welcome nature’s purest sources in a transcendent search for the extraordinary.

Now, you may be thinking, “but what does this have to do with gin?” and well… we don’t blame you! We revel in all things spiritual, from reiki to crystal healing, working with the energy of the lunar phases and crystals. Mixed with another of our loves in life (gin, of course!), we decided it was time to bring it all together, in one melting pot of the weird and wonderful. A concoction of raw, natural elements, we didn’t know what to expect.

And as may have guessed, the results were breath-taking in the most literal sense. Not only did the crystals magnetise to the methodically selected botanicals, but the taste was divine, unlike any other gin. Exceptional quality, with crystal clear clarity and smoothness, it makes for a mouth-watering sensation, even just poured neat over ice.

And so it began! Our passion project morphed into a dream and led us to an artisan distiller who took our taste ideas, crystals and lunar phases and created the gin we had created in our mind's eye.

We aim to replicate the ethereal sensation as your gaze meets the moon on a cloudless night and your stresses fade away. A reviving affair, from the moment you open your Tuscan-inspired bottle, or healing potion, and enjoy the diversity of contrasting flavours stemming from archaic traditions and folklore alike.

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crystal elixir

The result of being distilled with the powerful crystal elixir, pure water infused with crystals, a touch of magic is added to each of our gins.

Distilled in the Roman city of York, or Eboracum as it was then known, you can expect a pioneering formula as the stars align. Immersed in water and left to charge by the moonlight as it lights up the old fortress, the distilling process begins, solidifying the perfect gin before a single drop meets your lips.

A botanical and herbal infusion, our distilling process is known as a miracle substance. Crystals heal. Medicinal vibrations release. We become protected from harm, with the practice dating back to the Ancient Greeks, who used to drop their crystals into the bottom of their water jugs for medicinal purposes. A panoptic experience.

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the crystals

Bringing our love of crystals into our mystical creation, rose and clear quartz was introduced into the elixir. A powerful blend of power and love, balancing your energies and connecting you to your higher self, while restoring harmony.


One of our favourite quotes says it all :


"when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"


-Jimi Hendrix.

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the mystical tree

Palo Santo. The humble, unassuming tree, with a novel-sized list of medicinal purposes. Infused into our blend of premium ingredients, the symbolic tree gives our gins their distinctive taste, unlocking the key to an otherworldly adventure.

Known as Holy Wood, the South America native tree is a mystical phenomenon. With distinct scents of pine, mint and lemon, the gift of healing, good fortune, and positivity await your enrapturement.

A folklore favourite and the foundation of many ancient traditions, the mystical tree is wild crafted and sustainably harvested, in keeping with our all-natural, raw route towards a higher self.

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mystical meets herbal alchemy

A mashup of two worlds, colliding while sparks fly. When mysticism meets herbal alchemy, an ancient art of creating a botanical remedy using alchemical principles. A mix of lunar healing energies and alchemy, using natural processes to evolve and grow, Cristallo Di Luna harnesses the evolution of a substance to its highest state of being. An evolution which is enshrined within the Roman Empire, with a yearning to adapt, which our gin embodies.

The beauty of mysticism is that it is individual. Is it the moon, the crystals, the elemental infusions? Or is it a magical tandem of all the components we have used?

Our quirks, individuality and experiences determine how we view and interpret mystical beauty, but one thing is for certain. Our exemplary blend of premium ingredients and peculiar flavours tantalise all taste buds. An experience of being magnificently different.

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