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Our planet. When natural beauty meets humankind. A fusion of awe-inspiring views, beauty in the little things, and genuine human connection. Let’s not mess this one up.

We are dedicated to protecting planet Earth.

Now is the time. The time to speak up. To contribute to a better world for future generations. To make a real difference. One person may not be able to change the world, but we can inspire others to do the same. Climate change is our planet’s greatest threat and we intend to make a difference, but we need your help.

Trees From Above
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5%. That’s how much of our profits we promise to donate to foundations that actively and passionately work towards solutions to help restore our planet.

But why is it so important?

A full breath of fresh air. Climbing trees, carefree in our youth. Things we take for granted, which may not be an option for future generations.

Trees are not a luxury, they are essential to sustain human life. They create the very air that we breathe and filter air pollution.

An enchanted forest represents the epitome of mystical mystery, often the backdrop for folklore and fairytales alike. Climate-curers and emissions-avoiders, the importance of trees span far further than the beauty of rays beaming through the leaves.

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So, what is all the fuss about? Well, they’re vanishing! And not in the magical sense. Humans have cut down half of all planet earth’s trees. Every year we cut down trees the equivalent of over 24 million football fields, with just 13% of the UK’s total land area home to trees – 22% less than the EU average. Our view? To achieve net-zero emissions by doubling the UK forest.

Even the process to remove the trees is troublesome! The carbon release from deforestation accounts for 25 to 30% of the 4-5 billion tons of carbon accumulating every year in the atmosphere from human activities. Why is this bad? Carbon impacts climate change.

Foggy Forest
Forest Trees
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Where do we go from here? On an individual level, we need to reduce, re-use and recycle, and opt for sustainable and recycled materials in all areas of life.


Importantly, we also need to choose where we shop wisely. Are they contributing to the problem, with mass waste and unsustainable practices, or are they saving the planet, one product at a time?

Our vision is to plant a tree for every bottle of Cristallo Di Luna that is bought, on top of our donations. Cheers to a brighter future!

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