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To produce other-worldly gins means curating a concoction in a magnificent place. Bringing in Tuscan influences from Yorkshire’s Roman fortress, all of our gins are distilled at a premier distillery in the home of the shambles.

A spirit of unrivalled quality and smoothness emerges from our formula, to produce a botanically rich gin that harnesses the power of crystals and The Moon.

Unique. Exceptional quality. Crystal-clear clarity. Unparalleled smoothness. The best way to describe Cristallo Di Luna, a botanically rich premier tipple, infused with 16 of the finest ethically sourced ingredients. From the sacred Palo Santo and red rose petals to mountain ash berries and mulberry, each one has been chosen meticulously to create a delightful concoction of flavours, which delivers the distinctive palate we are renowned for.

Bringing a touch of magic to our Yorkshire distillery, from conception to completion, it’s all done in-house. From the moment the stars align and the perfect formula is created, to sourcing the finest natural ingredients, to our cutting-edge distillation methods (and even our beautifully symbolic packaging!), we relish in our in-house procedures.

A unique take on a premium quality gin, smooth and craft-distilled, Cristallo Di Luna brings in Tuscan influences to deliver a revolutionary experience. Think sipping on a light but powerful energy under the gaze of the moon, re-charging your senses. Each ingredient expertly selected to deliver an exquisite, consistent flavour.  

Almost a tribute to Italian Renaissance, a transitionary period of boldness and the birth of a new culture of modernity with archaic influences, we see our gin as just that. Bold and innovative, with a sense of being free. We use specialist artisan skills to meet these exceptional standards, not only for taste and consistency but to deliver an all-round luxury feel, from the streamlined bottle to every last sip.

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Where the old and new collide, our botanical and herbal infusion, as well as crystal elixirs, represent the powerful energetic healing properties of crystals. Used by Ancient Greeks, who would drop their crystals into water jugs to infuse pure water with the medicinal vibrations of the crystals, our gin is rebirthing archaic traditions in a medley of cultures and practices, from Greece to Tuscany to the Roman Empire.

Using clear and rose quartz to elevate our gins to a luxury, powerful standing, the crystals are sat in the water that is used to distil our gins, known as a crystal elixir. The crystals revel in the moonlight of the lunar phase of choice, before being introduced to the botanicas for optimum benefits.

Delivering our archetypal eclectic mix of healing crystals, with influences from powerful eras in history, we only distil our gin on specific moon phases, harnessing this magical tandem of energy and delivering our unique flavours.

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