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Finest, Ethically Sourced Botanicals

An exceptionally pure, exclusive take on handcrafted gin, we use only the finest quartz crystals and 16 botanicals. Expect to be met with a wave of healing and an introduction to a higher self, with our infusion of the sacred Palo Santo, mountain ash berries, mulberry and rose petals. All our gins are distilled during specific moon phases, harnessing this magical tandem of energy.

Distilled from the heart of the Roman Empire, our unique distilling method produces a spirit of unrivalled quality and smoothness, to produce a botanically rich gin that harnesses the power of the moon and crystals, a luxury art form during the Roman era.

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Timeless elegance in design,

deliciously unique

A health-boosting gin? Check! Native to South Asia, the berries of the mulberry tree were brought over by the Romans due to their medicinal advantages (of which there are many!), before becoming synonymous with Royalty; Henry VIII is said to have had a Mulberry tree planted in his Chelsea estate, and King James I later had a mulberry garden placed near Buckingham palace. They remain sought-after, with an air of exclusivity and luxury. With a refreshing sweetness, mulberry tones are paired perfectly with a warm summer’s day, with the rays beaming down and an ice-cold gin in hand.

Palo Santo (Holy Wood)

Widely believed to lift negative energies and restore tranquillity, the Yucatán wild tree has powerful cleansing and healing properties. Amongst those properties, Palo Santo has the power to bring good fortune and prosperity to those who believe in its powerful abilities, fusing perfectly with our gold emblazoned, luxurious design. It fills our gin with a soothing and healing aroma, as well as bringing you inspiration and creativity that has been used through the ages for meditation and spiritual cleansing. With subtle notes of lemon, pine and mint, you can mimic a Tuscan adventure wherever you are, with its distinctive revitalising sensations.

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Mountain Ash (Rowan Berry)

The wonders of the mountain ash that we use in our gin are born from the tales of magical powers and protection against evil. Throughout many strands of folklore, the tree would be planted near dwellings to protect those who lived there from misfortune and danger. Much like Mulberry, Mountain Ash possesses a range of uses in medicine and is known to be both a physical and spiritual healer. With a distinctive taste that balances the sweeter tones brought by our other ingredients, to deliver a powerful, taste bud tantalising experience.


This predominantly Asian perennial is known mostly for its romantic tropes; the mere mention of a rose immediately brings feelings of warmth and beauty and has been a symbol of romance and token of love throughout many generations. However, as well as its inspiring appearance and fragrance, the benefits of the rose go much deeper. Rose has, for centuries, been used in teas, or made into rosewater, for medicinal and healing properties due to its cleansing qualities. It adds purity and softness to any recipe and is also very therapeutic with its unique aroma. Beyond this, the health benefits of rose are part of our effort to make our gin special- there are many vitamins within the rose, most noticeably phenolic compounds, which act as antioxidants that protect and prevent cellular damage.

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Crystal Elixir

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Informally known as the ‘love stone’, we infuse our gin with rose quartz crystals so that you can benefit from their strong senses of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing. As they blend with the gin, they intoxicate it with the crystal’s gentleness and harmonious energy that has become so popular amongst millions for its ability to bring a melodious aura to any atmosphere contains the stones. They are known to positively affect the heart chakra, a vocal point of mediation originally derived from Hindu practices, which relate directly to compassion and relationships. Rose Quartz Crystal’s inclusion in our gin is sure to be a source of much inner peace. Each Small batch of our Gins is distilled using Cleansed Crystals to make a Crystal Elixir to give our gins their unique characteristic.

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