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Crystal Gin, The Perfect Gin Gift for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we have the perfect gift for you!

What do mums want? To relax and be looked after, because for the rest of the 364 days of the year they look after everyone else, she really is superwoman. So, it’s time to go ahead and spoil our special mums, and what better way than a special and unique gin, for those times she can just have a few moments to herself.

Our collection of Crystal Gin is distilled using Rose Quartz water, a completely unique distilling process that delivers a one-of-a-kind gin! Rose quartz is the crystal of ‘love’, coupled with our infusion of ‘Palo Santo’ which is known to cleanse negativity and bring in positivity, literally love and positivity in a bottle. And to top it off they are super tasty, with 16 botanicals including mulberry, rose, and mountain ash berries.

Tasting note - Gin Magazine, blind tasting 8.8/10

A delicate lemon sweetness, reminiscent of tart au citron with a hint of pine needles. A lightly sweet and extremely sippable gin with lots of citrus and pine; this would make a Bee’s Knees that would be truly worthy of the name!

We are delighted to have been awarded two awards, internationally scoring 8.8 & 9/ 10. Silver in the ‘Bartenders Brand Awards’ and bronze in the ‘International Wine and Spirits’ competition.

All our gins come in a beautiful presentation box and free delivery for mothers day.

We have three gins in our collection, a flavour for everyone.

Crystal London Dry - Our multi-award-winning signature taste.

Crystal Rose - Our signature taste, infused with rose petals, delivers a stunning pink gin.

Crystal Gold - Our signature taste, infused with the finest saffron.

Our Crystal Gin collection offers a unique, rare, and special gift for any gin lover.


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